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    100th Anniversary Virtual Launch Lunenburg Harbour March 26, 2021
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Bluenose 100 celebrations launch virtually on March 26

The Bluenose 100 Committee is excited to share its plans for a virtual celebration of the 100th anniversary of launching Bluenose. This celebration also serves as a kick-off for a series of events throughout the year to highlight the achievements of the famed schooner and its importance in Nova Scotian and Canadian history.

“The Bluenose – both as a world champion schooner and as a symbol for Nova Scotia’s shipbuilding prowess – had no equal,” said Premier Iain Rankin. “The centennial allows us an opportunity to celebrate the skill, hard work, and teamwork that not only built the Bluenose but continue to define the spirit of our province.”

“As a fishing vessel, the Bluenose also represents the relationship Nova Scotians have to the ocean: our economy and our environment are tied together forever,” said Minister of Communities, Culture and Heritage Suzanne Lohnes-Croft,. “As the most famous ship in our nation’s history, the image of the Bluenose on the Canadian dime connects every Canadian to the importance of the sea.”

The committee has organized two virtual events on March 26, 100 years after the launch of the original Bluenose at Lunenburg’s renowned Smith and Rhuland Shipyard.

The first event, scheduled to take place at 10:00 a.m., will feature exciting new videos, stories, historical footage and interviews acknowledging the vessel’s place in Canadian history. A second event is planned for 7:00 p.m. and will see the Bluenose story further explored through musicians, performers and writers.

“This virtual launch represents our first opportunity to share the many exciting stories and events we’ve organized with our community and partners to recognize the importance of Bluenose’s centennial,” said Alan Creaser, chair of the Bluenose 100 Committee.

“For those who don’t know, Bluenose became a symbol of national significance at a difficult time in our history and on the heels of the last pandemic. The Bluenose 100 celebrations, like the original ship, represent a chance to take part in something bigger and to celebrate our seafaring history.”

The committee has created a calendar of events that includes weekly Bluenose 100 livestreams, an exclusive Lunenburg show from the Canadian Forces’ Snowbirds, a refreshed Bluenose exhibit at the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic and an expansion to include a new exhibit within the restored Big Boat Shed.

All of these events are in conjunction with tributes from local and national partners.

The Royal Canadian Mint recently launched a special set of Bluenose collector coins for the centennial while Canada Post is in the midst of launching a new Bluenose stamp; several local businesses and groups are working with the committee to contribute their own homage to the ship’s history.

Bluenose II, a replica of the original ship and Nova Scotia’s sailing ambassador, is also scheduled to visit dozens of communities across the province as part of its Sail Past Summer schedule.

“We hope that people will join us in celebrating this milestone and in continuing to share Bluenose’s fantastic story,” said Creaser.

More details about the Bluenose 100 celebrations are available at the newly launched bluenose100.ca and through Bluenose 100 social media channels. The calendar of events will grow as events are confirmed in communities across the province and beyond.

Information on Bluenose II can be found at bluenose.novascotia.ca or on its official Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Media Contact:

Emily Sollows
Communications & Assistant Operations
Bluenose 100 & Bluenose II
[email protected]

Quick Facts:

Bluenose was a Grand Banks fishing schooner, reaching fame and icon status as she raced undefeated in the International Fisherman’s races. Bluenose was the embodiment of hard work, perseverance, and pride who throughout her career as a fishing, racing and touring vessel, became the pride of Nova Scotia, a Canadian icon and an international symbol of excellence.

The Bluenose 100 committee, established in 2018, is a sub-committee of the Lunenburg Marine Museum Society, consisting of representatives from the Province of Nova Scotia, the Town of Lunenburg, the Lunenburg Board of Trade, Tourism Nova Scotia, Develop Nova Scotia, Bluenose II and the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic.

The Bluenose II Company Store in Lunenburg will be open for the Bluenose 100 Launch weekend offering an extensive collection of Bluenose 100 memorabilia and merchandise. All items are available from the online store as well.

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